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Bariton: CEP 541-4MR.


4 rotary valves
Brass clear lacquer
Nickel-silver mouthpipe and bell rim
Bell: 300 mm
Bore: 16,0 mm

Complete with hardcase and silver-plated mouthpiece.

PRICE: € 2.590,00
incl. 20% VAT

For USA, Switzerland and not EU:
PRICE: € 2.159,00


Hello Mr. Höllwerth!

I am please you to communicate to be able that the instrument was supplied already yesterday by UPS directly to Joey's house! Obviously the forwarding business has the supply directly to its Adress sent. For the moment I am some more in the unclear one whether we still any customs clearance settle must. As it, UPS looks all this already settled.
Anyhow the commodity arrived here in perfect condition. Joey tried and is the Bariton out already fills enthusiastically. It becomes it on the Octoberfest in Leavenworth / Washington for the first time publicly use.

I send to you then gladly a few photos for your customer collection.
Thank you very much again for their Efforts, I become you gladly with the musicians further-recommend here!
Cordial greetings,

Marc Mulzer the USA

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